Horizons in Disguise

Hopes unrealized
Seeking to find
Who decides?
And rising
The alarm at 7 o'clock opened my eyes, but not my thoughts. The right foot, some nerves under the fourth toe, injured climbing Mt. Yale in the snow, twenty-four years ago, now hurts worse on cold mornings, painfully limping down the dark hall, haunted by a healthier, younger self, who climbed so high, higher, to find horizons
Wounds cauterizing
False advertising
In hiding
Stars aligning
Children crying
Fathers dieing
Interior designing
The homeless man's brother watched from his car on the corner, but knew the answer would always be the same. Always repeating the same, always the same, and expecting a different result, Einstein said, is the definition of insane. He lit a cigarette, started the car, turned up the volume, and waved goodbye to Einstein.
In the skies
Chasing lines
Circles in time
Time in reprise
Where sea meets sky
Fly higher
The non-linear horizon
No line
Circle in time
Leave a life
By the riverside
When the canoe turned over and we all went into the water, my dad, the dog and me, the first thing that happened was my glasses came off and were immediately lost in the maelstrom of the torrential rushing current of the flooding river, and in the next moment my head smashed into a tree and I held on there as the water came rushing all around. Water and branches and leaves and the dog. I grabbed the dog, and called out, shouting at the top of my voice, "Dad!"
Open your eyes
Watch out for fucking crocodiles
And rise
Look in my eyes
I am the horizon
In disguise

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