Time Eternal

Time. The song ends with Time. Kronos kept it two ways. The measurement and the deeper feeling of it slipping away. I've kept it and tried to save it and lamented it's slow passing and have even wished it away. I watch it pass but don't see it. Feel it's grasp but can't keep it. It's not linear, not irrelevant, either. You know when you've lost it, the moment. You remember. But can't attach to it's tense. And then, suddenly we move it an hour ahead, or add a day, to fit our modern conventions. The tension that arrises as its moment arrives. It's time to go and be someplace or somebody, the time pressing. Eroding all it touches like the sun and wind and flowing water, the basic elements of existence. But time is not elemental. Not essential. It's beyond our world. It's all relative. What a long day. For you, maybe. How quickly time flies. How long ago that other life. Keep fighting to get further away, or closer, but time, that time we tried, when we were heroes embraced and entwined in  lines of such simple words and soft light in dark places, those times are forever and ever.. .neither closer or further away, but here today and always never again. Like a horizon in disguise. In the skies, in your eyes, these lines arise. But if all five horizons....all five senses...are deaf, dumb and blind, these lines don't need a disguise. Known unknowns. Seen unseen. A vacuum of space. An empty experience, passing through, in a human shaped rocket, towards a horizon. Eternal.  

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