Muddy Puddle Rainbow

I want to save you, rainbow
Pull you from the cold wet mud
And raise you to the sky
Let your colors fly

I know muddy puddles, rainbow
The dirty dark secrets inside
Puzzle pieces you can't find and places you hide
When your heart is broken

And you don't know who you are, rainbow
Or who you were, or want to be
I know, rainbow
How alone that feels

Get out of the mud, rainbow
I'm not going to lose you now
You're meant to kiss the sky
Heavenly colors in our eyes

Something within you, rainbow
Has taken control
I know you can beat it, though
Fight back, fight for your soul

Leave all those cold rainy ways, rainbow
Let yourself dissolve and grow, rainbow
Leave muddy puddles far behind, rainbow
Find a horizon, rise and shine, rainbow
My dear friend, S.M.
My muddy puddle rainbow

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