Scribbles on post-its
Hidden treasures
Of thoughts once held
Fleeting then fluttering
Away like butterflies
Or flower petals
In the autumn wind

Moving forward in reverse
Looking back
At the notes or thoughts
The this that was like this
Just as you said it would be
A box of memories

Each a lock on a bridge
We thought crossed
To the other side
Or Ibiza
Or, please, just one night
But deception
Is a two way street

That was then
Hard to imagine
And this is now
Now for bye
If you love somebody
Set them free
If someone loves you
Don't fuck up

Every thought of past
Moments and opportunities
Lost I accept like a present
A gift I'm grateful for
And not as evidence
Of a psychological disorder
Some have called it love

This yearning desire
To see it again in your eyes
To simply say thanks
For that day we played charades
With post it notes
So, please, don't be afraid
It's still just me

You are free
Be happy
I hope you'll think of me
And the future we almost made
Forward in reverse
Bye for now

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