November Rain
The moon orbits
Changing shape and phase
Gravity, stars, pushing and pulling
We break like waves

Here in our troposphere
The air we share
This space above, between and around us
Is all we share

Car, subway, bridge, umbrella
The safety of shelter from elements
Familiar surroundings
Protection from fear

The rain clouds, storm clouds
What's above, what's below
Look up from under and through the trees
Lightning bolts, thunder rolls

The distance a voice travels
From lungs and tongue
Through molecules, five senses
Into hearts, souls and thoughts

The vibrating waves break
Fall like rain on the walls of a tent
Open up and come inside
We haven't even started, yet

Cohen's famous blue raincoat
A grey scarf, slept with
Gifted gloves, blue swede boots
Please, take them all off

The scent of the jungle
The warmth of the tea
The sounds, thoughts and memories
Sinking deeper into me

Delicate breizh lace, picot bigouden
So soft on the skin
Just above your breast
The heart beats within

Let them all fall away
Open these sensitive places
Become more than naked
Remove every layer

Remove every layer
Let them dissolve in the rain
What is human? What is whole?
What is under each layer?

We'll answer this...

Actions speak louder than words
The words of this poem
The action of writing it
I don't know what else to say
The layers of meaning
The meaning of layers
Meaning less
Let's just get naked
Shed our skin
Open your heart
To desire give in
Disappear within
Layers created
To protect and keep the out outside
Are holding you in
Open up
Let me in
Through the layers
Of your world
Between the moon, the storm clouds,
Our shared places
Barriers, distance
Layers, like walls, are razed
By waves, the flood rush
Visceral, passion,lust
Layers, like storm clouds
Open up, red rain floods
Swelling seas, city streets
You walked through puddles
I dried your feet
Together complete
Inside your space
Arms embrace
Delicate lace
Breath, whispers
Touch face to face
Pink lips, blond curls
I need to touch you there
Let me come inside
The layers of your soul
Lightning bolt, thunder roll
Look in my eyes
Open wide
We are our selves
We are human
We are whole
... We are
our own layer

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