I’m on Fire and It’s OK

So, I've been welcomed back. Home is where the broken heart is. Home is where every scar is. Home is where my guitar is. And this is quite seriously the first time I've been able to play my electric guitar in almost a year. And this is the first thing I played, improvising the songs that swim in my head as I swim in the sea on sunny winter days. 

We met at this shopping center. Crossroads, crosswalks, "Did you see me?" message, call, meeting, I still see you there in my mind's eye, Mango, a Desigual dress and a bow on a bra, our families 50 meters away. Evidence in the echos of your mind, leads me to believe we missed the signs. We kissed. Oh, oh, oh... I'm on fire. Tell me now baby, is he good to you, does he do to you those things I can't do? I can take you higher. Forget everything else, and remember the desire you felt, and saw in my eyes...look in the mirror. You're home now, and everything is o.k... You don't have to run and hide away... It's o.k., you know that I love you anyway... Now close you eyes, ignore the signs, and forever never be the same. I'm on fire, and it's OK.

And here’s It’s OK… Recorded, amazingly, on July 17, 2018. https://youtu.be/72YwSKUUpsQ

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