These simple words dancing in the dark
Memories like falling leaves echo
Destinies masked opportunities
Unfulfilled potentialities
Alternate eventualities
Grinding tides of routine eroding
Empty shells of crisis or calling
Butterfly hurricane casualties
Desiring who you were becoming
Dancing in the Dark/Ces Mots Simples

Bonus Valentine’s Day Poem

These simple words.
Complicated by the echoes of what was left unsaid, mots simples.
The sound of silence now, the empty space, filled with your little world.
Slowly falling apart, together, apart.
Dancing in the dark.

Bonus bonus poetry!


Bonus Valentine’s Song: Random Ukelele Improvisation With Tender Memories of a Backseat Blowjob I Like to Think About When I Can’t Sleep

Sometimes I feel like I will never sleep, I can't even sing. I'm very scared for this world, I'm very scared for me. Eviscerate your memory. Here's a scene:  You're in the backseat, laying down, the windows wrap around you the sound of passion and your Valentine. All you hear is time stand still in pleasure. You feel such peace and absolute stillness, still, that doesn't end but slowly drifts into sleep, the stars are the greatest thing you've ever seen and they're there for you...for you alone you are the everything.

I think about this world alot, and I cry and I've seen your eyes in the sky, this love has no ceiling, everything is beautiful, she is so beautiful, she is so young and bold, I look at her and I see the beauty in the light of music, her voice is talking somewhere in the house, late spring, and you're drifting off to sleep, with your self in her mouth, and you are here with me, you are here with me, you have been here and you are everything....you have been here and you are everything.....

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