I Am the Book Club

In the forest
Call me Sisyphus, love. Yeah, I push the rock. Let’s talk about me pushing the rock. Anything to distract me from pushing the rock.
Just another almond tree
Shipwreck drifting on a shoreless sea
For sale. Tall tree. Take me down easy. Let me land softly. Back in your arms.
Focus. I am the butterfly. You are the flower. Focus
Is it me or is God’s face in those clouds looking down? See Him? Brow, nose, big white beard….do you see Him? Oh wait…that’s Darwin. Nevermind.
Goes great with Greek yogurt. Ask Sisyphus.
Racoon dogs and zombie rats live here
Science and spirituality strangling each other
Under construction or almost finished
Night falls on Father’s Day and a long weekend in the woods

Me, Myself and I Started a Book Club. It Sucks. New Members are Always Welcome. Send an Email.

Jane Eyre. Winner of first “Book that didn’t suck as much as I thought it would” award. Congratulations to whatever Bronte wrote it.
Where me, myself and I met for the inaugural meeting of my new Book Club
Can it be called a "club" if there is only one member? I decided to have a Book Club meeting, but have no one to invite. I brought some books I've read over the last 6 months or so to this place to meet myself. I didn't bother with the tea or cakes or whatever Book Club clichés. To begin with, I don't own any photogenic tea cups, and though wine seems to be the Book Club beverage, I don't drink. I had a non-alcoholic beer, which was nice. 

I intended to write a bit about each book, but just as the meeting started two cats started fighting or fucking in the woods across the street. It was a long and loud fight or fuck, and as I listened and wondered who was winning I started turning pages of the books and recalled how much they sucked. I could barely remember anything from any of them. And one of them won a Pultzer for fucks sake! The cat fight or fuck screached and wailed on and on and I finished my beer and that was pretty much the Book Club. 

Except for Jane Eyre, all these books sucked, and Jane Eyre does suck, but I think it sucks less because I put off reading it for the last 40 years or so expecting it to suck, and it did, but just not as bad as I expected, so it gets the award for not the worst of the bad, boring books I've read in the last 6 months. All I can say is that I have to really want to read a book to enjoy it. And I didn't really want to read any of these books. 
I should say that my son's Year 10 textbook of poems, Songs of Ourselves didn't suck the same way the others sucked. I mean, I like poems. But I tried to imagine the 15 year old me being forced to read those poems, and that was what raised it to a  level of sucking close to torture. But as a middle-aged soul who dabbles in poetry, it didn't suck as bad as the others.

The good news is I didn't buy any of these books. The bad news is that the only book I DID buy in the last 6 months couldn't be a part of this Book Club meeting, and I'm very sorry and sad about that. I liked the title of that book and the reviews were amazing and I thought...too many thoughts, as usual...but didn't read the book beyond a bit of the beginning, so I am sorry if it sucked. It won't happen again. 

And the same goes for this Book Club. But then again, who knows... Keep turning the pages and see what happens. 

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